/ Shortly about ARMEX

We are proactive in the industrial engineering business
since 2004 continuously widening the offer for our clients.
Company's headquarters are situated in Racibórz, śląskie voivodship.
We deliver complete solutions in robotics,
industrial automation and machine building.

Laser cut and water jet

We cut each shape regardless the material and thickness of the detail.

CNC precision turning

We deliver CNC turning services in range: max. diameter 200mm,
max. length 500mm

CNC precision milling

We mill elements with following dimensions: max. length: 850mm,
max. width: 460mm, max. height: 250mm.

CNC turning serial production

We turn from rod with automatic lathe. The minimum circular rod diameter that fits the feeder is 6mm. Maximum: 60mm.


We grind surfaces, rollers and holes. We’re able to grind bigger dimensions.

Hardening & bluing

On request we harden the elements and make blackening for you. We also anodise the aluminium details.


We have engineers who know the art. Welding of single elements or whole constructions is not unusual for us.

Assembling the machined elements

We can assembly the machined details for you, so you’ll be confident that they’re properly made and will avoid any surprises when you'll get your order.

Thanks to competent and experienced team, which specializes in machine building, we’re able to deliver complex solutions in the highest quality to our clients.

Design & technology

Machining technology consulting

If you'll send us the request for quotation you can be sure that it will be reviewed by experienced technologist.

Technical design, flat drawings & 3D modelling

Our design office with constructors is at your service. We’ll help you with your technical documentation for the machining needs.

NX CAM Programming

Our technologists are at your service and will help you with NX CAM programming and G-code for CNC machines.

Quality control

Quality of the elements machined for you will be checked after each step of the process.

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1 Maja 5,
47-400 Racibórz

Contact persons:
der Technologe


Piotr Kiszka PhD.


+48 501 174 855

Spezialist im Technischen Vertrieb

Technical Sales Specialist

Ewa Janik


+48 500 095 647